Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lazarus - "No More BS" (Video)

I originally wanted to name this post "Return Of The Live Emcee" and if you seen this video or have ever witness this emcee perform you would know exactly where i'm coming from. In a climate of hip-hop where the main focus seems to be on image,"swag" (hate that word!!) and affiliation, many artists have taken the focus away from two of the main elements in hiphop: DELIVERY & PERFORMANCE. This is where fellow Raleigh/Durham emcee, Lazarus comes in. For those who follow NC hip hop closely you may remember Lazarus from the Kooley High jam "Water". I was first introduced to his music three yrs ago from Blue Raspberry (yep that one) and producer DOX. In my opinion, homie's been here before. He reminds me of the golden era emcee "Jesse West" from the group 3rd Eye (do your research),which was one of my favorite groups from the mid 90's era. As seasoned as the homie sound, he's barely 20. I'm thinking the handle Lazarus means "the resurection of an emcee style that died and has now arisen". Check out the video "No More BS" filmed and directed by Kent Willard. Download the mixtape/album, Alien Nation here:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Hop + X3M = Everything Is Impossible (Free EP/Video)

Peace to the homie Big Hop & Serbia producer X3M on their collaborative effort, Everything Is Impossible. So many reasons for posting this joint up other than the fact that it's dope but I won't get into that now. Peep the video and download the project as well from Big Hop's own Bandcamp Page. Check out the background story below via Big Hop himself:

"Today marks a special day for Serbian producer, X3M, & I. After 2 years of working on our EP, Everything Is Impossible, it is now ready for release. After going back & forth, we decided that giving it away for free was the smartest & most effective way to get our music heard by the masses.

After meeting on myspace in 2007, we recorded our first song together, "Frontline," for X3M's The Project. Following the chemistry & relationship that was built during "Frontline," we decided to put together a full project. The vocals were recorded in the States, and it was mixed & mastered in Serbia by X3M & acclaimed engineer, JanZoo. The finished product is a dark and gritty, pure hip hop album that transcends any cultural a/o language barriers that we had to overcome ourselves.

In one of our hundreds of conversations over the past two years, I asked X3M about releasing music and other aspects of the industry that he deals with in Serbia. His response was simply, "In my country, everything is impossible." Living in the US, I was floored by the realness & despair in his comment. Not only did that create the title, but it also became the mentality for the EP.

I am attaching the artwork, and including links to the free download, & video for "I Changed My Life." Appearances on this project include MindsOne(Soulspazm), L.E.G.A.C.Y., & Diablo Archer.

Check it out & let us know what you think. But most importantly, ENJOY..."