Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two Dope Showcases.....same week...

Shelly B - Monster (Video)

You know you're grinding when you can turn around an official video quicker than we can post the behind the scenes video. This is the first of many videos to come from the "Queen" mixtape which is for download at www.shellybthat.com.

S.Gold - Gone With The Wind ft. Lazarus

New Music from the homie S. Gold from his up and coming project "The Forecast". Check out S.Gold as i'll rocking with him at his mixtape release party this Thursday at the Southland Ballroom in Raleigh, NC. For more info on S.Gold, visit his bandcamp page at www.sgold.bandcamp.com.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shelly B "Queen" The Visual ACCESS GRANTED

When I used the phrase "All Hail The Queen",as big as that statement is, it still doesn't sum up the amount of work that Shelly B has put into the game. To give ya'll a little background info, I first met "Shellz" in 2003 at The Larry Pickett Show (local tv video show). Before then, I seen her rock a few shows so when we first met I literally begged to give her a beat cd. We knocked out a few jams together,rocked a few collabs even one featuring Canibus...it didn't make the final cut on his album but we both killed it..charge it to the game I guess. So fast forward years ahead after appearing in numerous publications (The Source, Ozone Magazine,etc) and crushing opposing rap crew careers in front of everybody (ya'll should've been there,..Shelly B has matured into a "Boss" in every since of the word. Funny how we met at someone elses tv show and now she has her own entertainment company. Check out the behind the scenes footage for video shoots from her "Queen" project. Purist, don't let the club jams make you think that every"thang" is sweet. Homegirl, is an emcee in every since of the word. For more info, go to www.shellybthat.com

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sean Boog - Gettin' Mine

SEAN BOOG - GETTIN' MINE from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

Dope video (and jam) from 1/2 of The Away Team and Justus League emcee Sean Boog. Produced by Amp of the crew Actual Proof. I'm diggin this joint hard ya'll.....

Jones Andrews & DJ Aminor - Halfway Home Mixtape

To all of my people in the area code of the 252 by way or Roanoke Rapids, take your hats off and salute the up and coming emcee, Jones Andrews. If ya'll know me ya'll know I'm an animated emcee so of course I dig animated artists alike. If I had to compare this emcee to any one in the industry who came before him I'd say a lil Big L/Papoose with a dash of Skillz with his own twist. It's always funny to me when emcees who was born decades after the "golden era" of hiphop still managed to come off like a polished vet. The young homie is definitely about to carve his own lane in a minute. Check the DJ Aminor mixed project "Halfway Home". It's officially in the ipod now put it in yours. Also check his weekly 32 tuesdays series on Refined Hype.com.

Download: Jones Andrews & Dj Aminor "Halfway Home"

DJ Premier f/ KRS-One & Grand Puba "5%" (CDQ)

"5%" is the first official release from the DJ Premier compilation, "Get Used To Us". 5% features two emcees that have heavily influenced everything I've ever written to this day, KRS One (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone) and Master Of Ceremonies/Brand Nubian emcee, Grand Puba Maxwell. These cats should have been collabed but after hearing the jewels they dropped on this cut, the collab was well worth the wait.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lazarus - "No More BS" (Video)

I originally wanted to name this post "Return Of The Live Emcee" and if you seen this video or have ever witness this emcee perform you would know exactly where i'm coming from. In a climate of hip-hop where the main focus seems to be on image,"swag" (hate that word!!) and affiliation, many artists have taken the focus away from two of the main elements in hiphop: DELIVERY & PERFORMANCE. This is where fellow Raleigh/Durham emcee, Lazarus comes in. For those who follow NC hip hop closely you may remember Lazarus from the Kooley High jam "Water". I was first introduced to his music three yrs ago from Blue Raspberry (yep that one) and producer DOX. In my opinion, homie's been here before. He reminds me of the golden era emcee "Jesse West" from the group 3rd Eye (do your research),which was one of my favorite groups from the mid 90's era. As seasoned as the homie sound, he's barely 20. I'm thinking the handle Lazarus means "the resurection of an emcee style that died and has now arisen". Check out the video "No More BS" filmed and directed by Kent Willard. Download the mixtape/album, Alien Nation here:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Hop + X3M = Everything Is Impossible (Free EP/Video)

Peace to the homie Big Hop & Serbia producer X3M on their collaborative effort, Everything Is Impossible. So many reasons for posting this joint up other than the fact that it's dope but I won't get into that now. Peep the video and download the project as well from Big Hop's own Bandcamp Page. Check out the background story below via Big Hop himself:

"Today marks a special day for Serbian producer, X3M, & I. After 2 years of working on our EP, Everything Is Impossible, it is now ready for release. After going back & forth, we decided that giving it away for free was the smartest & most effective way to get our music heard by the masses.

After meeting on myspace in 2007, we recorded our first song together, "Frontline," for X3M's The Project. Following the chemistry & relationship that was built during "Frontline," we decided to put together a full project. The vocals were recorded in the States, and it was mixed & mastered in Serbia by X3M & acclaimed engineer, JanZoo. The finished product is a dark and gritty, pure hip hop album that transcends any cultural a/o language barriers that we had to overcome ourselves.

In one of our hundreds of conversations over the past two years, I asked X3M about releasing music and other aspects of the industry that he deals with in Serbia. His response was simply, "In my country, everything is impossible." Living in the US, I was floored by the realness & despair in his comment. Not only did that create the title, but it also became the mentality for the EP.

I am attaching the artwork, and including links to the free download, & video for "I Changed My Life." Appearances on this project include MindsOne(Soulspazm), L.E.G.A.C.Y., & Diablo Archer.

Check it out & let us know what you think. But most importantly, ENJOY..."


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spectac's One Day Remix (via Kevinnottingham.com)

Domination Recordings recently released a new compilation of material from Justus League affiliate and HiPNOTT recording artist Spectac. This 17 track album features some hard to find and otherwise unreleased gems featuring Spectac on the forefront. Guest appearances by Little Brother, Big Daddy Kane, Median and Sean Boog with production primarily handled by 9th Wonder and Khrysis.
We got the album’s lead leak, “One Day Remix” (featuring Big Daddy Kane & Kofi) [prod by K-Hill] plus an exclusive leak given to us from Spectac himself, “Green I’s” [prod by Khrysis]. You can cop the album via iTunes and Amazon. Hit the cut to grab the leaks…

Saturday, September 4, 2010

K-Hill - "Millions"

Here's some labor day weekend music for the "whip" and the ipod. When the homie producer Picasso played this beat for me it reminded me of the Bad Boy era from 97'. The track sounded like something that one of Puffy's Hitmen would've made for Black Rob, The Lox, or Mase so that's how I got inspired to write "Millions". Music for those with huge aspirations. This is one of my personal favorites right now but it will not appear on the "Achilles Hill" album. To make sure it see the light of day....I had to throw it out there for ya'll. Millions.....

Millions by K-Hill

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beat Down 101 pt 1. (Marley Marl)

Ahh...let's see....Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Large Professor, etc. Name a producer that Marley Marl hasn't influenced. For those who aren't familiar, Marley is responsible for producing many of the legendary artists that set the tone for today's stars. Artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Eric B. & Rakim (Eric B for President), Kool G. Rap, Lords Of The Underground, the list goes on. The first time I became familiar with Marley was from his first release "Marley Marl In Control Vol. I." After hearing that, I did my research and found out that this cat was producing EVERYTHING!!

Through his movement, The Juice Crew, he produced: MC Shan's "The Bridge" which started one of the most famous battles in hiphop between The Juice Crew and Boogie Down Productions. Even Roxanne Shante got involved and came back with "Have A Nice Day". Ironically, two decades later, Krs One and Marley Marl would collab on the album, "Hip Hop Lives". My favorite Marley produced classics include: The Symphony prt 1 & 2, MC Shan's "My Freedom", Lord Of The Underground "Funky Child", LL Cool J's "Around The Way Girl", Heavy D's "The Overweight Lover's In The House" and of course Big Daddy Kane's "Ain't No Half Steppin".

The production of Marley Marl spawed the era of the "super producer". Everyone had to have a Marley Marl remix on their 12" single in order for it to move units. Although there were other dope producers during that period: Hurby "Luvbug" Azor, Rick Rubin, etc...everyone had to have a Marley track in the catalouge somewhere.

Shouts out to DJ Just Dizle for mixing "The Best Of Marley Marl Vol. I. To those who wasn't aware of the movement....downloading this project will get you up to date.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

K Slack - "Strickly Facts" ft Inspectah Deck (prod by Ski)

Check out this banga produced by one of my favorite producers of all time featuring the homie/producer K Slack and Inspectah Deck of the legendary Wu-Tang clan. Everybody went in on this one...uggggh (i'm sick !!!!). Available on K-Slack's Myspace Page (www.myspace.com/kslackontheboards) or you can cop at Emusic and Itunes.

Monday, May 24, 2010

K-Hill and Dasan Ahanu @ The Brewery 5/21/10

Here's footage from the 9th Wonder sponsored showcase I performed at last weekend. This part of the show was one my favorites. This footage features poet/spoken word artist extraordinaire, Dasan Ahanu and myself performing "Identity" and "Millions" which is from a forthcoming project that I will speak on later. Shouts out to my homie Kevin "Eshtar" Tate for the footage...IPHONE style!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The "BC" Sessions (Take 1)

This past weekend, 5/8/10, I had the pleasure of recording with emcee/deejay BrothaSoul of Greenville, NC. Can't say too much about the track because it is still a work in progress as we speak (verse from a 3rd emcee still pending). However, the track is dope and compose by producer Croup from oversees. Personally, I think it's the beginning of a line of material that's to come from the BrothaSoul and myself.

There was something else special about this session as well. It marked my first time recording with up and coming engineer/college student, Brian Kidd. Just to give ya'll a little background on the situation...Brian Kidd is from VA but attends college in my hometown. Our first meeting he mentioned his love for the North Carolina hiphop scene. We both have similar musical taste and dude knew my catalouge so it was a no brainer to check dude out.

Also, in the studio that day: Panama G.A.T, Keisha Shontelle, Flyboi Kid Fresh. Photos by J. Water....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Deheb presents.....The Goldsmith

Shouts to the homie Maxime Robin for introducing me to the dope producer known as Deheb. I gotta admit when I first recieved homie's beat cd, it contained the most unorthodoxed beats I had ever heard. They weren't your average 8 16 8 16 beats that many of us are used too. You could get use to the track and it would switch up dead in the middle of it. Nevertheless, I found the beat for "Get Down". I invited the homie Diablo Archer to rock it with me and it ended up on "The GoldSmith" as the opening track. It's hard to believe they made this a free download as this entire project is crazy. Tracklist below.

Deheb presents....The GoldSmith
1. Intro
2. Get Down ft. K-Hill, Diablo Archer,& Mista Sinista (X-ecutioners)
3. Just One Night ft. Emilio Rojas
4. Windows ft. Access Immortal
5. Water The Seed
6. Shinin Star ft. Tiye Phoenix
7. Why Not Interlude
8. All Hail The Underwriters ft. Brown Bag Allstars
9. Still I Rise ft. Dynas and E. Nelson
10. Connect 4 ft. Shabamm Shadeeq, Casual, UG, and Sean Price
11. Blow Me A Kiss ft. Emilio Rojas & Keisha Shontelle
12. Just Chill - Torae ft. Mela Machinko
13. Dilla's Reflection Instrumental
14. Riot Instrumental
15. Still Waters Run Deep Instrumental
16. Top Of The Block ft. Apani

Monday, February 15, 2010

K-Hill "Why Don't Cha!" Official Video

"Why Don't Cha!" is my first official video so to speak. Originally, it was only supposed to be a short clip for my producer homie Nicktha1da's documentary. A few of my listeners may remember Nickthe1da from my debut single "Da Instigator" in 2004. We've teamed up again for another unorthodox cut. Peace to Big Hop for filming and editing the video. This is truly the beginning ya'll.

Download "Why Don't Cha" mp3 @ www.reverbnation.com/khill