Friday, July 3, 2009

Rock 4 Ever Ya'll (My tribute instrumental to MJ)

Rock 4 Ever Ya'll (My Instrumental MJ Tribute)

Peace, love and prayers to the first musician I was ever introduced to. When you get to a point in life where you start to witness your heroes pass away, that is a sign that you've truly reached adulthood. I say this meaning that as you grow in life you find yourself losing things that you've been used to since your childhood (ex. friends, family members, I wasn't around for the passing of Elvis Presley but I've seen the lasting impact that he had on people's lives and now I understand. Here's my "liquor pour" to the true King Of Music. You will be missed!!! Thank you for 3 lifetimes worth of music.
Rock 4 Ever Ya'll! (MJ Tribue Instrumental)