Friday, May 14, 2010

The "BC" Sessions (Take 1)

This past weekend, 5/8/10, I had the pleasure of recording with emcee/deejay BrothaSoul of Greenville, NC. Can't say too much about the track because it is still a work in progress as we speak (verse from a 3rd emcee still pending). However, the track is dope and compose by producer Croup from oversees. Personally, I think it's the beginning of a line of material that's to come from the BrothaSoul and myself.

There was something else special about this session as well. It marked my first time recording with up and coming engineer/college student, Brian Kidd. Just to give ya'll a little background on the situation...Brian Kidd is from VA but attends college in my hometown. Our first meeting he mentioned his love for the North Carolina hiphop scene. We both have similar musical taste and dude knew my catalouge so it was a no brainer to check dude out.

Also, in the studio that day: Panama G.A.T, Keisha Shontelle, Flyboi Kid Fresh. Photos by J. Water....