Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shelly B "Queen" The Visual ACCESS GRANTED

When I used the phrase "All Hail The Queen",as big as that statement is, it still doesn't sum up the amount of work that Shelly B has put into the game. To give ya'll a little background info, I first met "Shellz" in 2003 at The Larry Pickett Show (local tv video show). Before then, I seen her rock a few shows so when we first met I literally begged to give her a beat cd. We knocked out a few jams together,rocked a few collabs even one featuring didn't make the final cut on his album but we both killed it..charge it to the game I guess. So fast forward years ahead after appearing in numerous publications (The Source, Ozone Magazine,etc) and crushing opposing rap crew careers in front of everybody (ya'll should've been there,..Shelly B has matured into a "Boss" in every since of the word. Funny how we met at someone elses tv show and now she has her own entertainment company. Check out the behind the scenes footage for video shoots from her "Queen" project. Purist, don't let the club jams make you think that every"thang" is sweet. Homegirl, is an emcee in every since of the word. For more info, go to